Why should eCommerce businesses hire a virtual assistant?

One cannot overlook the way mobiles, laptops and other multimedia tools have changed how an e-commerce interact with its consumers”, says the ex C.E.O. of Walmart, Joel Anderson. It is true indeed. E-commerce is a force rather than simply a mode of business that no investor can ignore. It is growing rapidly and dynamically over the turn of the century and one has to learn its ways with the blink of eye before it takes a new face again.

Let us learn what e-commerce means. As defined by the oxford dictionary, e-commerce is conducting commercial activities via internet. Yes, any business or commercial activity that may or not earn a profit stands for e-commerce. The astonishing fact that impresses one while reading about e-commerce is that it hasn’t even completed fifty years since first introduced.

The history of e-commerce started forty years ago and, to this day, continues to grow with new technologies, and thousands of businesses entering the online market every year. Electronic data and teleshopping in the 1970s paved the way for the modern day e-commerce. Its growth became rapid when internet was introduced to the public in 1991. With a brief understanding of what an e-commerce is, let us explore the present e-commerce business scenario. The market share of e-commerce as of today is 42% which was less than 1% 10 years ago and its contribution the world’s GDP( gross domestic product) is 1.61% yearly.

The e-commerce businesses today are vast and varied in their operations, one cannot fathom its complexities without proper understanding and most importantly interest for the subject, that’s when virtual assistants take over. Virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating not physically but virtually for the client. A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office or in case of large-scale projects, the services are outsourced to a group of people working together as virtual assistants.

In today’s world, these handy and round the clock available assistants perform a wide number of tasks such as inventory management, database building, customer support, managing accounts (both virtual and physical), transcription and so many more. According to a report of Forbes, virtual assistance can be used to perform 25 major tasks for a multinational e-commerce as well as elementary businesses.

The need for virtual assistant for e-commerce businesses is however a more crucial one. E-commerce businesses is the most sought after mode of business because of its limited requirement of capital. As the entire operational value of the business is done through internet, the capital requirement of the business or the start-up is limited and virtual assistants are the main reason for this cut down of capital.

Imagine setting up a new office for 50 and more employees in order to enable them to do the above mentioned jobs. The cost of setting up a building, facilities like electricity, proper working environment, and salaries based on levels of job, all are bowdlerized by just hiring virtual assistance. Thus the nightmare of every aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to introduce his vision and fulfil his dream i.e. the lack of capital and enormous responsibility of setting up manual offices are no more bewildering but possible. One must also look at the business expansion opportunities that are accompanied along with outsourcing your operative functions to virtual assistants.

Men like Jeff Bezos, Tony Hsieh, Tim Cook, Doug McMillon need no introduction as these business moguls are the front runners in the e-commerce sectors with their companies- amazon, apple and Walmart respectively and have repeatedly credited virtual assistance as their secret weapon to success in e-commerce business. When entering into or expanding an e-commerce business every smart business owner or head would look at ways to cut down costs on routine work and there is no better way than virtual help.

What can be a better way to run a virtual or internet based business than with the help of assistants connected virtually to you? But the benefits of virtual assistants do not just stop here. When we talk about the success of a business, we must take into notice the efficiency factor that is required to make anything from usual to unique. Yes, efficiency regardless the nature of work is a significant point to look for. Virtual assistants in this particular part are a blessing to any businessman as they can choose the virtual assistants based on a number of skills from a pool of assistants based on their needs. This increases efficiency in major as well as meagre tasks in an e-commerce business and it not being a job confined to a desk gives flexibility to the assistants who are hired to work from the comfort of their home or any place that compels to them as a workplace. Also there are no long term contracts as virtual assistants are hired from project to project therefore there is no rigidness of law or contracts. Hence, it is safe to say that the success of an e-commerce business and virtual assistance go hand in hand.

Virtual assistants as popularly said, are the need of the hour and a fundamental organ of any e-commerce business. Change is the law of nature and now would be the high time for a decisive decision in regard to the aid of virtual assistants for your e-commerce business. With the ever-changing business picture, productivity of units or manpower are no more the secret but virtual assistants are the best-kept secret of modern productivity. The possibility of partnering with virtual assistants open wide horizons of opportunity to think out of the box. Your business will never become a daunting process as you are free to look for tools for maximising your business and all the administrative work can be done by the virtual professionals. Lastly your business will become a never ending success through dynamic processing and trending approach of the ever-learning virtual assistants.

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