eCommerce Virtual Assistants

eCommerce Virtual AssistanteCommerce business model is growing rapidly each day and having an online store that runs 24/7 means that you need to have someone looking after your business at all times. For small to mid-size companies, running an eCommerce business is relatively burdensome, because you do not only have to run your business, you also have to look after your online store, customers, updating products, handle shipping, managing promotions and many other things.

Therefore, it is very common among eCommerce business owners that they find themselves stuck with daily repetitive tasks, which leads to not spending enough time to spend on their business’s growth. In this situation, the best thing you could do is hire our eCommerce virtual assistant.


Here are some areas that eCommerce virtual assistants can directly impact:

  • Save Money
    Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant is way more money saving option as compared to a conventional employee. A virtual employee saves you from all the expenses of furniture, computer system, maintenance and equipment. Avoid spending any money for training and other employee related taxes.
  • Spend Time On Priorities
    As a business owner, it’s better to spend your valuable time on your business’s growth. On the other hand tasks like customer service, inventory updates, running reports, handling shipments, update prices and adding products are very important. You can delegate these tedious tasks to your virtual assistant while you focus on your business’s growth.
  • Setting-Up Your eCommerce Business
    A professional help is highly recommended if you are looking to set-up your eCommerce business. Our highly skilled eCommerce virtual assistants possess a great expertise in handling issues which may arise while setting up an eCommerce store. We can set-up your business in the fastest time possible right from designing an eCommerce website, creating shopping cart, integrating payment gateways and other required third party software.

Here are some tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

  • Customer Service
    If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. Happy customers is the key to be successful. Our adept eCommerce virtual assistants offer a great customer service to your customers, right from, answering questions, following up and responding to reviews. We can handle this time-consuming job from all the departments of customer service (chat support, email and calls). That way, your customers won’t be left hanging and all of their questions will be answered quickly. We will follow-up with your customers after they make a purchase from you to make them feel special.
  • Inventory Management
    When your business is growing, at a certain point, inventory management task become very tedious. This is a kind of task that you don’t enjoy doing but it is very important. Well, you cannot sell without sufficient inventory, on the other hand, excessive quantity of products may cost you a lot of money. Therefore, our highly skilled eCommerce virtual assistants make sure the inventory is always updated for your business. 
  • Tracking Shipments
    This is another time-consuming, yet important task in eCommerce industry. Your eCommerce virtual assistant can easily track shipments and ensure that shipments are delivered as promised along with updating your customers with their shipping status and details. 
  • Uploading Products
    Your eCommerce virtual assistant can handle all the heavy work of updating/uploading products on your online store according to their availability in the inventory. So you don’t need to be worried about listing products on your online store.
  • Order Processing
    Let your eCommerce virtual assistant handle invoicing, order entry, order processing and other daily tasks. Your virtual assistant can send customer invoices to your shipping vendors, compile the orders etc. on a daily basis.
  • Managing Returns & Exchanges
    You need to get in touch with your customers and suppliers to handle products exchange, returns and refunds. Why not let your eCommerce virtual assistant do that on your behalf? They can manage returns, exchanges and refunds for your products easily.
  • Order Products
    Not only can your virtual assistant handle the customer services and admin support part, they can actually work with your suppliers, handle getting stock into your warehouse and send invoices to accounts payable.
  • Photo Editing & Resizing
    You want right size images of your products to upload on your website. On an average, each product listing has at least 4-5 images. You don’t always have the same sized images available, so you need to manually resize them. All you need to do is simply let your eCommerce virtual assistant have an access to all of your products images and provide the right dimensions. That’s it. They will resize the images and upload them on your online store.

If you are still spending time handling all the administrative work instead of growing your eCommerce business, now is the time you should hire an eCommerce virtual assistant and delegate all of your daily time-consuming tasks to us.

Don’t be disinclined to delegate as many tasks as possible, so you have plenty of time to focus on your business’s continued growth and development. Our highly skilled eCommerce virtual assistants are waiting to help you take your business to the next level.

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